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Our Team

St. Louis
Mark Carnoali  I  Principal
Dan Finnegan  I  Outside Sales
Scott Carpenter  I  Sales
Mark Gatewood  I  Sales
Jeff Fisher  I  Operations


Founded in 1961 by Mr. Michael J. McQueeny Sr., McCann-McQueeny was a one man agency representing plumbing and heating products.  He called on everyone at every level in Kansas and Western Missouri who would listen and lived off of Coast Guard Reserve pay while working a 100 hour per week schedule..... 

Since then, the company has changed in name, size, and locations.  The one thing that has never changed is our focus on customer service and maintaining opportunity for everyone involved.  Just a few highlights...

1970's: McQueeny-Cain is formed and grows to Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri.

1980's: HVAC grows and is now McQueeny-Lock Company.

1990's: Company moves to the Historical 520 W Pennway building and now has 8 offices in 8 states.

2000's- present: McQueeny Associates (plumbing) and McQueeny Group (HVAC) become independent agencies.          and continue to reside in Kansas City and St. Louis.

Note:  A typed list of predictions were found from Mike Sr. during this historical dig.  This was the final page...

2029-  Mike Sr. returns to speak at Annual Sales Meeting on his 100th birthday. 

He still maintains "Quality has no fear of the future" and "The very best is just good enough!"

He still believes in the old adage, "Too big to quit, too rich to fail."

We sincerely thank you for 60 great years! 

May we all be blessed with many more.


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